Through BIM, we strive to achieve a better, more informed, built environment. We build a digital prototype, so that the spaces we live and breathe in will be safer and cleaner when they become a reality. Our goal is to help in the construction of buildings that are more accessible and where beauty and functionality can come together in a responsible, sustainable manner.

To some, BIM is just clicking buttons. To us, BIM is the Philosophy of Improvement!

Keeping Hyperbolic Pace 

Today's design firms face the challenge of keeping pace not only with a rapidly evolving landscape of requirements and design constraints, but also with technology that emerges and develops faster than it can be thoughtfully adopted. Having to adapt to the constantly updating technology puts strain on industry professionals.

The Technology Paradox

In the past, once you had mastered the tools, e.g., the drafting board, you could practice your discipline. Today the discipline is very much disrupted by the tools themselves. This is where we can help!

Advanced Family Creation & Library Development

Don't tackle this task alone. We can help!

Autodesk BIM 360 & Construction Cloud Collaboration

Adopting new systems for documentation can be pretty daunting and quite often, a little training can take your team a long way in improving your process. Give us a call and we'll help you see achieve more value and return on investment in your Autodesk AEC Collection and Autodesk BIM360 Collaborate Pro licenses.

Visualization & Analysis

Presentation Graphics

Time-Proven Tools and Effective Cultivation of Skills

In an industry full of agencies claiming to ‘do BIM', many only implement BIM at the most basic levels in order to validate this claim. The cost of poorly executed training and implementation is high and with low return on investment.

When training and implementation strategies are employed in a trial-and-error manner, the time it takes to achieve intended goals is costly. LIMINALSTAR offers structured training and consulting services to small businesses which utilize BIM and helps them develop a smooth design workflow for effectively coordinated construction drawings.

We rely on the efficiency of time-proven tools to build a productive and profitable BIM Standard and promote effective skill cultivation, which enables teams to adhere effortlessly to such a BIM Standard.

LIMINALSTAR is not for adding complexity to
something already convoluted. In fact, we
believe that less is more! Often, after a
careful analysis, we find that people are
paying for multiple tools that do the same
thing or for tools that don’t get used at all.
If you think your projects are losing time
due to outdated tools or lack of clarity on
how to use them, it is time to book a call!
We are all about increasing your ROI on
what you have already paid for!

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