CAD to BIM, Intermediate BIM, Level 2, and Beyond

BIM is a process! Therefore, knowledge of BIM can be described as the ability to use certain tools to meet the documentation requirements of a given firm, business, designer, or project.

As complex as it might seem to the uninitiated, BIM is not some mystical entity, it is a collection of small and large solutions that create a mesh of possibilities.

By analyzing your process, we can gauge what staff you need at the present time and how your needs might evolve. It is important to identify what BIM is to YOUR business because BIM is a nebulous topic with many facets for enhancing your firm’s service offerings.

In today’s fast-moving industries of design and manufacturing alike, we require quick, efficient application of digital tools.

LIMINALSTAR is here to help you get better return on investment from your human resources and digital assets.