BIM Strategy Development

Consulting & Process Analysis

A Business Process Analysis or BPA is an in-depth review of an organization’s reporting structure, i.e., how work is done, what tools are used, and how work flows into, through, and out of the office. A LIMINALSTAR BPA starts with a simple conversation during which your vision, technical goals, current process, and pain points are discussed. This initial conversation often uncovers other areas that can be improved upon or where the real friction comes from.

Every firm moving from CAD to BIM as their primary means of documentation should consider conducting a BPA. If conducted internally, this analysis process can fall short due to ‘rose-coloured glasses’ or the tendency to overlook areas that we think are working well.

LIMINALSTAR provides a second set of eyes and an unbiased review of workflows and personnel to expose issues that might otherwise go unnoticed. After the discovery discussion, we collect data from your organization to understand your processes and tools. We survey and interview key staff to provide clarity on workflow and reporting. The end result is a document which clearly identifies challenges and solutions to resolve them.

Model Auditing/Peer Template Review

Model auditing is the process of systematically reviewing various aspects of a model(s) to ensure that it is in good working order and is providing an optimal experience and accurate output. Good model management equates to profit! Indeed, better model management and auditing systems that improve insight into the model translate into fewer hours spent troubleshooting and fixing issues. The key to working with good models is ensuring that the system is not too sophisticated for your end users. When only one person on your team understands how BIM works and is constantly pulled away from their work to solve BIM conundrums, you are likely to have a patchwork of solutions or a team that does not understand how BIMs are developed. With a BIM strategy in place and a team equipped with well-developed tools, more data can be harvested for different BIM uses and the process becomes more robust. Models developed in a rush lead to wasted time in the form of watching the dreaded ‘blue donut’. If you are bringing a complex model to the next stage of your project and think that it could use a checkup, give us a call to get a detailed report on your Revit project! LIMINALSTAR also evaluates templates to ensure you are making the most of your Autodesk AEC Collection and Revit licensing.